About Us

ARGUS Investment Realty is a brokerage and development firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since our inception in 1994, ARGUS Investment Realty has continuously demonstrated an ability to adapt its services to accommodate the needs of our clients with constant changes in market trends and conditions. ARGUS is comprised of a close group of talented professionals, led by the firm’s President and Founder, Scott Throckmorton.

The firm’s areas of specialty include a broad range of real estate services including brokerage and leasing, tenant and owner representation, property planning, development and redevelopment, acquisitions, portfolio and asset management, and structuring public/private redevelopment projects. We approach every property with a diverse set of perspectives because we think like an owner, a broker, a property manager, an asset manager, a developer, and a planner. Any broker can provide you with market rents and availabilities, but which location is the right location for you? That level of expertise takes local knowledge and deep insight, the kind ARGUS Investment Realty has been providing clients across New Mexico for decades.